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I have been using Fand K since I built my pool in 1993. Mike and his team of and quot;pool guysand quot; have been nothing but responsive, helpful, diligent, knowledgeable and competent. I trust them implicitly and can't imagine anyone giving better service. As long as I have this pool and as long as they are in business, they will be my pool service company

- Jane L....

Caribbean Pool Service


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Their customer service is horrible. They are arrogant, overpriced, misogynistic, and obnoxious. We bought a house with a small pool and went to Caribbean Pool Service as a both a local Alexandria company and the company that had previously serviced the pool hoping to find a company we could trust to help us with our new pool. After zero communication over more than a week after we had scheduled to have the pool 'cleaned', the first crew arrived with broken equipment to drain the pool. Two weeks after the initial scheduled date, the acid wash made the pool worse. When we contacted the company they told us we had asked for the acid wash. We clearly were new pool owners who had no idea what we were doing and had looked to them for their professional opinion. I was told initially that the president of the company had come to look at the pool to see what it needed but later was told that they hadn't looked at the pool and that it was our request. Upon calling repeatedly and being put off over and over we contacted other pool companies for estimates. Caribbean demanded that we pay for the acid wash but finally negotiated a price and they said they would re-plaster the pool. It took additional weeks of calling and being put off and patronizing and condescending responses but they came and drained the pool. It still took another TEN days before before they finally sent a crew who blasted music on a Sunday morning in our quiet neighborhood. To top it off, they sent us a bill the next day after completion with an immediate due date! When we didn't pay within a few days we were sent threatening, harassing and demeaning emails and messages. Even when we sent them payment information, they followed up with additional harassing emails. I have dealt with dozens of contractors and service companies over the years. I have NEVER had service this atrocious. Please do yourself a favor and find another company

- Stephanie H....

Millennium Pool Service

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We've had a couple issues with MP but the Owner has since called and apologized and is doing his best to make things right.

- Shelby K....



I asked for an estimate to replace six tiles that had come loose in my swimming pool. Jim responded quickly and visited the pool. Because some others seemed loose, he recommended replacing all the tiles; because a third to a half of the coping bricks sounded as though they had come loose, he recommended replacing all the brick coping (doing one without the other wouldn't make sense). He also advised replastering the pool. His assessment was that at 17 years old the pool needed this level of refurbishing. I was surprised by the cost estimate and decided to put off any possible work until spring. I have NOT had a second estimate and am NOT familiar with pool repair costs, so my reaction to the cost estimate is not knowledge-based but my gut reaction. If second opinions on need and cost confirm Jim's estimate, I will not hesitate to have JW Contracting do the work

- Stephen H....

Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc


The work is great! They gave us good pricing and the two teams that came did really nice work. They made sure everything was done properly.


- Ray H....

Alpha Omega Pool Repair


We had another pool service provider before Brent who basically abandoned our pool. Brent was recommended to us by a friend who used his services. Brent quickly got the pool back into shape. We do not live in the area, so it was comforting to know that Brent was taking good care of it. When he would notice an issue, he would bring it to our attention. When our renters found a problem, Brent was always very responsive. On his weekly visits, Brent would leave a status report to let the renters know what services were performed and what the chemical levels were in the pool. We have been very pleased with Brent and would highly recommend him

- Kevin A....

Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc


In the Fall we noticed a few areas of loose tiles in our swimming pool and we called out a local pool company to assess the situation and they determined that both the tile and the coping needed to be replaced and provided a quote. We decided to sit on it until the Spring and now we?re revisiting the issue. Now that Spring is here we called the 1st Company for a revised quote and pointed out a few missing items on the contract like water and caulking. They came back with a second quote that was $3,000 higher than the quote they had provided in the Fall. We also called Watermark and another company to provide a quote. Nick from Watermark was very responsive, we had no problems contacting them and he came out within a week to assess our pool issues. He was on time and considering the traffic in our region I wouldn't have cared if he was a little late. Nick thoroughly evaluated the condition of the tile and coping and said that we shouldn't do anything at this time. He said that there is some degradation in the coping, but we?re not going to lose any bricks anytime soon and it is not an immediate problem. He made a similar assessment about the tile. There are lose tiles but retiling the entire pool would be overkill at this point. He suggested that we could make some minor tile repairs ourselves if we?re concerned about the aesthetics, otherwise wait. This is good news for us, we have a kid getting ready for college and we do not need major pool renovation at this time. We?re very glad we talked with Nick and would highly recommend consulting Watermark for any pool repair or renovation work

- Amy B....

Watermark Swimming Pool Services Inc

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The work went extremely well. Nick is a real pleasure to deal with. He's honest, professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and always timely. He gave me an estimate for the work July 2008. I contacted him in May 2009 to get him under contract. He updated his original proposal to reflect changes in some prices, and he cautioned me that he noticed a crack in the pool that he would need to get a better look at before he would continue. His folks drained the pool and inspected it. They found some structural damages near and around the pool seat. Nick called me and scheduled a meeting so he could share with me what he found. He met me at the pool at the appointed time and took his time to explain the situation and to pose several alternatives to address it. We selected to have him repair the structural damage, and then continue with the new tile and the re-plastering work as prescribed in our contract. Nick gave me a verbal estimate of the change in price to repair the structural damage, and upon my concurrence, he proceeded with the work. The work was frequently interrupted by the rain we had in the Washington area during mid-June 2009. Nevertheless, Nick finished the work in a timely manner and went beyond the contracted scope to arrange for delivery of pool water, and to schedule my normal pool service provide, Potomac Aquatics, to open the pool the afternoon of the day the pool water was delivered. The invoice Nick sent me was clear, self-explanatory, and met the price he verbally quoted me. It was a real pleasure doing business with Nick and his folks. They were diligent when working and always cleaned-up after their day of work. I HIGHLY recommend Watermark Swimming Pool Services for anyone looking for an honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and professional pool repair contractor. When you hire Nick and his folks you know you will be in good hands

- Ciro P....

Aquaman Pool Service Inc


We worked directly with Doug Rico in both instances. The 2015 service went well. When we engaged him this year, not so much. After the initial consultation, Doug was near impossible to pin down on work dates and never returned calls or emails in a timely manner. The work was conducted entirely by subcontractors with ZERO oversight from Aquaman. Once the work was complete, Doug gave the okay to fill the pool sight unseen. Apparently one of the plugs was left out of the bottom of the pool and at least 1/3 of the water ran out. When Doug did arrive, my first question to him was, "did you inspect the work prior to authorizing the pool to be filled." Doug's response was, "he did not and that he relied on the subcontractor to do that." Doug did get in the pool, replace the plug, and schedule additional fills. Since completion of the work, we have requested Doug to perform a final inspection before paying the final bill. We have several issues where spots of the coping are lacking sealant, we have additional hardware that was not put back in place when the work was completed, and we have a skimmer line that appears to be plugged with broken tiles fragments. Doug was supposed to do the inspection last week, but was a no show and has not returned calls or emails to date. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY for anything beyond minor weekly pool maintenance

- Thomas B....




We paid a $2000 deposit in cash as they did not take any credit cards (first alert). Work was supposed to start the following week, which it did not (second alert). They finally came out 15 days later and removed the coping stones around the pool. Both verbally and as per contract fine print, they were going to come back out at that point to assess the exact beam damage. Again days passed and phone calls went unanswered or not returned or was filled with excuses like and quot;the truck broke downand quot;, and quot;one of the workers got insured on a joband quot;, each time we were told that they'd be out the next day to assess the actual damage. Then one day, we came home from work, to find that they had come by and jackhammered the entire beam, all the way around the pool. Again, repeated calls and messages asking what had happened and why all the beam was removed when only 18' (not 98') were expected to be damaged. The owner finally came out a week later and stated there was beam damage all the way around. We contested that that was not true and that the contract clearly stated they were supposed to come back out and evaluate prior to doing any further work. At that point, the owner John Church got very angry and yelled at my husband, he took a hammer and started hitting the side of the pool as hard as he could attempting to break the concrete even more to show that the beam was damaged. We should have fired him at that point, but STUPID us...thinking we have gone this far we need to just get the job finished. We already had frogs in the pool at this point because it had been empty for almost a month and the rainwater was collecting in it. So we signed an addendum agreeing to pay for an additional 80 ft of beam damage at $40 per ft. (addtl $3434.00) which we had to pay immediately (I know we should be shot in the head). Then again the wait (its now the middle of Jun), no answer on the phone, no return calls, disrespectful and rude answers when we did reach someone and empty promises of when they'd be there. So finally, we fired them and cancelled. We knew we'd loose some money, but we did not expect that they would not return a fair amount of the refund. They charged us for the tile that was dropped on our driveway while we were at work and after we cancelled. We in essence paid $5000 to only have coping stones removed and for them to jackhammer and damage the entire beam. We did file a BBB complaint, but it was a 4 month long back and forth. A lawyer told us we could go to court, but that was a headache we did not want to take on. I later did some internet searches on the company and found a near exact complaint from someone else the year prior. As well as some other negative reviews. PLEASE, DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE. They have some good reviews, but they are mainly small projects. You never know when it's your turn to be had by these people

- Claudia G....



Did not go well at all. An "F" grade and we didn't even get any work done! I had contacted JW Contracting, Inc. located in Manassas, VA for an estimate on a variety of pool repair work. Obviously, being a smart consumer, I was seeking multiple estimates from a variety of companies because I have a variety of items pertaining to the pool that need repaired or replaced. Owner James Walsh came by but turned back without ringing the bell or talking to me. Basically, Mr. Walsh was annoyed because he noticed another pool company there (they had provided me an estimate and were leaving). Then, I get this extremely rude and unprofessional email from Mr. Walsh that is more than self-explanatory (see below). This is exactly NOT how to run a business and this is NOT a company you want to work with, especially when you are dealing with pools. I simply would NOT trust someone who is so unprofessional. Angie's List is a great place but please do your research before having anyone come into your house to work on major project like pools. From: Jim Walsh Date: May 12, 2016 at 1:07:00 PM EDT To: Subject: pool appt Just wanted to let you know, I did come to look at the pool yesterday. I arrived at 1pm just like I said I would. To my surprise, Millennium Pools was there. I certainly welcome the competition, however I think it's rude to schedule 2 people to come at the same time to look at your job. So, I'm not interested in working with you. Good Luck.... James Walsh JW Contracting, Inc

- Raj B....

Nothing in summer is sadder than a backyard swimming pool in need of pool repair.

What services do pool repair companies near me provide?

Backyard swimming pools could be poured concrete, above-ground, cast fiberglass, or the type that uses a vinyl liner. Each of these materials offers advantages (longevity, low installation cost, easy maintenance) and suffers from disadvantages.

Pool repair work depends on the type of pool you have, since replacing a vinyl liner is a substantially different job than resurfacing a concrete or gunite pool.

How much does pool repair near me cost?

Typical costs for the various types of pools include:

  • Replacing a vinyl liner, $3,000 to $7,000
  • Replacing a pool filter cartridge, $80
  • Replacing an entire pool filter, $600
  • Resurfacing a gunite or concrete pool, $6,000 to $15,000
  • Replacing a pool motor, $550 to $800

Pool repair costs vary very widely by geography, the type of pool, access, and expertise.

How do I find the best pool repair near me?

Pool repair specialists often make up for poor pool maintenance, and are often the same company (they maintain or repair all types of pools). Use a reputable source like the List here to find above-ground pool repair companies near you, or for concrete/gunite resurfacing.

Expect to pay an hourly charge plus work-related expenses. You may be able to save money with a pool repair company by contracting for regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs.

Explore Our Solution Center for Helpful Pool Cleaning Service Articles

  • How Much Does an In-Ground Pool Cost?

    An in-ground pool typically costs around $55,000 to install

  • Much Does It Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

    Running a hot tub costs about $40 a month

  • How Much It Costs to Resurface a Swimming Pool

    Swimming pool resurfacing costs vary from $1,000 to $30,000

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What's the best thing to patch a pool with? ›

It's best for smaller patch jobs because it tends to peel.
  • Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape. ...
  • Boxer Adhesives Peel and Stick Vinyl Plastic Pool Patch. ...
  • Vinyl Pool Liner Repair Kit. ...
  • JED Pool Tools 35-249 Super Patch for Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner - 16 in. ...
  • Vinyl Adhesive - 8 oz. ...
  • Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair Patch - 6 Count.
Nov 29, 2018

What is the most low maintenance pool? ›

A fiberglass pool typically has the highest upfront cost but the lowest maintenance cost. They are quick to install, but because they're built from a mold the shape is not customizable (and they can't be wider than 16 feet). A vinyl pool has the lowest installation cost and can be built to any size and shape.

What is the cheapest pool to install? ›

Vinyl liner pools are generally the cheapest inground pools with regard to upfront costs; however, their costs can increase significantly based on a number of factors. A ballpark figure on the lower end for an inground 12' x 24' vinyl liner pool with installation is around $42,000.

Can Flex Seal fix a pool? ›

It's inconvenient and pool liners can cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to replace. That's why we recommend keeping Flex Tape or our Pool patch and repair kit nearby. The next time you find yourself with this problem, just use Flex Tape and your pool leak will be repaired in a matter of minutes.

Do pool patches really work? ›

Patching your pool liner can work on a tear as little as 2-inches and as big as 8-inches depending on location and pool age. For example, if you have a 2-inch tear near your filtration system and your pool is ten years old, you can temporarily patch it while shopping for a new vinyl liner.

How much does a pool patch cost? ›

The average cost range of in-ground pool leak repairs is between $350 and $2,700. This price is for labor and materials only. It does not include draining, refilling, and treating the water. The price also depends on the leak's severity, location, and the material of the pool.

Will Gorilla Tape patch a pool? ›

Found a tear in your pool liner? At 4" wide, Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape can be used to patch holes, cracks, gaps and tears, even underwater!


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