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Bradley Berman

Bradley Berman

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Updated on 01/03/22

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The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (1)

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The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (2)

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Vivint Smart Home

"Ensures that communications between the devices, your smartphone, and the company’s monitoring centers are rock solid."

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Xfinity Home

"If you’re already an Xfinity customer for phone and internet, then it’s easy to add home security to your existing services."

Best DIY Home Automation System: Abode

"If you prefer a low-cost DIY approach to home security, then Abode is your best bet."

Best DIY Pro-Monitored System: SimpliSafe

"Helps to ensure that your home security setup is easy to install and reliable."

Best with Largest Nationwide Network: ADT

"For many homeowners, ADT’s vast scale makes the company an obvious, trustworthy choice for home security."

Best Value: Ring Alarm

"With Ring Alarm, you can add a rudimentary system of DIY security for little as $199."

Best Professional: Frontpoint

"After the system is up and running, you will have the ongoing means to add virtually any type of home security and automation feature."

Best Overall: Vivint Smart Home

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (3)


Vivint Smart Home is a complete security and home automation system. The Utah-based company makes its own core set of sensors, cameras, and control devices. By designing its own equipment as an end-to-end solution—and using skilled, well-trained technicians for installation—Vivint ensures that communications between the devices, your smartphone, and the company’s monitoring centers are rock solid.

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Here’s the bottom line: Vivint works. The upfront cost could be several hundred dollars more than competitors. But it’s worth it because Vivint is a delight to use. The control pad and mobile app are intuitive. The system provides one-click custom actions for commands such as modifying the temperature as you approach the house or turning on lights as you enter hallways. When an incident occurs, the monitoring team responds in seconds.

Finally, Vivint gives customers the option to buy all the gear upfront at a clearly denoted price. Paying upfront means you can secure professional monitoring on a cancel-anytime, month-to-month basis. You also have the option to finance the equipment with zero interest.

Vivint Smart Home Security Review: Everything You Need to Know

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Xfinity Home

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (5)

If you’re already an Xfinity customer for phone and internet, then it’s easy to add home security to your existing services. Bundling a home alarm system with your Xfinity services has two primary advantages. First, you can save money—paying about $360 for a professionally installed system, including one touchscreen control panel, three door-window sensors, one wireless keypad, and one motion sensor. The installation fee is often waived.

The second perk is the ability to use your Xfinity remote controllers (with voice commands) to manage your security and automation devices. The TV, the biggest screen in your home, acts as a second control hub.

Xfinity Home—like Vivint and Abode—develops its own set of capable security components, including an outdoor/indoor camera. The system is also compatible with a long list of third-party devices. Moreover, Xfinity Home maintains a staff of technicians specially trained to make sure that your home’s security network is reliable.

Professional monitoring starts at $30 a month—climbing to $40 if you want access to up to a week of recorded video with the ability to search clips by person, pet, or vehicle activity.

Xfinity Home Security Review

Best DIY Home Automation System: Abode

Very Good

If you prefer a low-cost DIY approach to home security, then Abode is your best bet. The system takes a modular approach. With a starter kit for as low as about $230, you can be up and running in a few minutes. Attach one door/window sensor and one indoor motion sensor—and then fire up the tabletop hub device. Or use Abode’s all-in-one device called “The Iota,” which has a built-in HD camera and motion sensor, as the control hub.

Because Abode uses the open Z-Wave communications protocol, you can create a complete DIY automated home with Adobe-branded components and cameras, as well as third-party compatible devices, such as Nest thermostats, Schlage or Kwikset locks, and Philips Hue remote-control lights.

Be advised that Abode puts the onus on you to make sure the right entry points are protected—and that all the pieces of your system successfully talk to one another. But if you enjoy setting up electronics, then Abode offers robust capabilities at an affordable price. The system can work well as a self-monitored solution, although professional monitoring is affordable at $20 a month or $200 a year if paid upfront.

Abode Home Security Review: Everything You Need to Know

Best DIY Pro-Monitored System: SimpliSafe

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (9)

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(Video) 5 Best Security System For Home 2022 - Best Security Camera Systems For Home 2022

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (10)

Unlike the modular open approach taken by Abode, all the necessary SimpliSafe components are designed and made in-house by the company as a single integrated system. That helps ensure that your home security setup is easy to install and reliable.

Order a package of components—including the base station, keypad, and set of entry and motion sensors. Entry sensors use strong adhesive backing to attach to doorways and windows easily. Plug in the base station, follow step-by-step instructions on the keypad, and you’re in business.

We love the elegant design of the SimpliSafe system, especially the cylindrical base station with a glowing blue light. The list of devices includes a glass break sensor, remote panic button, smoke detector, temperature and water sensors, and key fob. Unfortunately, SimpliSafe does not include an outdoor security camera, but the system is compatible with third-party devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, as well as Nest thermostats and August-brand locks.

SimpliSafe’s prices vary depending on the system you choose—they start at about $171. We do not recommend the "no plan" option, as the monitoring center will not receive notifications if an alarm goes off and will not dispatch emergency response in case of an emergency.

SimpliSafe Home Security Review: Everything You Need to Know

Best with Largest Nationwide Network: ADT

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (11)

As the nation’s largest home security provider, ADT provides an unparalleled scale of service to its seven million customers. The company has nine interconnected monitoring centers, over 200 local offices, and a massive network of authorized dealers. For many homeowners, ADT’s vast scale makes the company an obvious, trustworthy choice for home security.

All of ADT systems are professionally installed and monitored in a required three-year contract. Canceling a contract can result in hefty penalties.

ADT does not rely on a single source for its equipment, so the exact functionality, reliability, and user experience of any system is to be determined. The benefit of an aggregated approach is that professional installers can choose components from multiple suppliers—integrating the components in a custom solution with ADT’s mobile app and touchscreen panel.

The equipment, pricing, and quality of service can vary—so you won’t know the exact cost of an ADT system until you receive an estimate. Unless you confirm that a local dealer has a long-standing stellar reputation, you are likely to get the best price and service by working directly with ADT’s corporate office.

Best Value: Ring Alarm

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (13)

Ring is well-known for its line of video doorbells available for as low as $59.99. With the Ring Alarm Security Kit, you can add a rudimentary system of DIY security for little as $199.99. The package includes a base station, a keypad, a motion detector, a single door/window sensor, and an Alarm Range Extender that plugs into an outlet to strengthen the communications between devices.

It’s smart to add a door sensor and motion detector, but the power of Ring’s security solution is its cameras. The $249 Floodlight Cam, for example, has built-in motion detection, lights, HD video, two-way talk capability, and sirens. If somebody enters your yard, a bright light will shine. You will be immediately notified on your phone, and a clip of up to 60 seconds will be recorded.

The quality and reliability of Ring Alarm are not comparable with professionally installed security from Vivint, ADT, and Xfinity Home. The system lacks a glass-break sensor or outdoor siren, and there’s limited integration with third-party smart-home products.

Nonetheless, the Ring Protect Pro Plan, which provides professional monitoring, cellular backup, and recording of event clips, is available for only $20 a month. That’s an unbeatable price for a base level of home security.

Take a look at other product reviews with some of the best security cameras and the best doorbell cameras available online.

Ring Alarm Security System Review: Everything You Need to Know

Best Professional: Frontpoint

The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (15)

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The 7 Best Home Security Systems of 2022 (16)

(Video) Best Outdoor Security Camera in 2022 | Top 7 Best Outdoor Security Cameras (Best Security Camera)

Frontpoint gives DIYers access to equipment from, the same gear that professional installers use. Frontpoint’s base package —onekeypad hub, twodoor/window sensors, a motion sensor, a yard sign, three window decals, door stickers and a free doorbell. — is just $99. However, a complete package for a larger home could easily exceed $1,000.

Frontpoint does not offer professional installation. Instead, the equipment is preconfigured for easy installation and is accompanied by a thoughtful set of tutorials and online support to guide you through the process. Most of the equipment is attached with strong peel-and-stick adhesive, although some cameras might require screws and a connection to a power source.

You might face a learning curve to get started, but after the system is up and running, you will have the ongoing means to add virtually any type of home security and automation feature.

Frontpoint’s $34.99 per month Protection Plan is adequate for essential security monitoring, but it lacks remote smartphone features and home automation. So expect to pay at least $44.99 a month for commonly desired security and smart home features, or $49.99 per month for live and recorded video.

What Is a Home Security System?

A home security system is exactly what it sounds like: a system of various electronic devices that work together to monitor the property. It generally includes a control panel that operates motion sensors, door and window sensors, cameras, and other devices.

Any unusual activity, such as movement outside a door, will typically trigger an alert or an alarm, depending on your personal settings. Some systems come with professional monitoring, meaning alarms will alert the security company and/or local emergency services that something might be wrong. And other systems are self-monitored, meaning the homeowner must initiate an emergency call if necessary.

Not only does a home security system protect against potential intruders, but it also can monitor for fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and other potentially dangerous issues. You even can use certain systems to control your thermostat, lock or unlock doors, turn on and off lights, and check for open windows.

Some people also have surveillance cameras they can access remotely to check on children or pets at home, as well as watch for deliveries, landscapers, and other people who might be stopping by.

What Are the Different Types of Home Security Systems?

Some home security systems are wired. They function via electrical wires running through the home’s walls to various security devices, such as cameras and sensors. And they can use a phone line to transmit information to a security company or emergency services if you pay for such a service.The devices generally sound chirps and alarms around the house, according to your personal settings.

Other systems are wireless, using battery-powered transmitters to connect security devices. They either work through your home's internet service or a cellular service. These systems are easy to integrate with personal mobile devices, so you can monitor your home from wherever you are. They also can send information to paid security services. Most modern home security systems use wireless technology or a hybrid version of wired and wireless.

What Fees Are Typical With Home Security Systems?

For many home security systems, there might be an up-front fee for installation (unless you self-install) and activation. These fees are sometimes negotiable or have deals running that reduce the cost.

Then, you generally must pay for the security equipment, which can come in packages or be purchased individually. Some companies allow you to pay off the equipment in monthly installments while other equipment is sold at a one-time fee.

If you choose a plan that involves professional security monitoring, that’s typically a monthly fee to the security company. This also might involve a contract that has fees for breaking it early.

What Should You Look for in a Home Security System?

When considering home security systems, first decide the area you want to monitor. For instance, maybe you just want security at your front door, so a simple doorbell camera might suit your needs. Or perhaps you're away from home a lot, in which case you might like a system that can remotely control lights, door locks, and the thermostat as well as monitor for environmental hazards, such as fires and floods.

If you have kids or pets, you might want a system with nanny cameras that allow you to remotely check what's going on inside your home, along with two-way talk features that allow you to communicate with whoever's at home. Some systems also include wearable security devices that can alert emergency services if the wearer is having a medical or other type of emergency.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to monitor the system yourself or pay for a professional monitoring service that will alert emergency personnel for you.Plus, if you move frequently, you'll likely want to look at self-installed wireless systems that are easy to pack up and move with you.


Which is the most powerful home automation security system? ›

Vivint: Editor's choice

Our top choice, Vivint, offers the best in home automation and security technology. Plus it has a no-contract option. Vivint's mobile app lets you add some mood lighting, turn up the heat, or lock your front door—all from your smartphone.

Is there a home security system that Cannot be hacked? ›

Not all home security systems are hackable. Local alarm systems, for instance, aren't connected to the internet and thus aren't hackable. Smart home security systems, on the other hand, are connected to the internet, so there is a possibility of hacking, like any other internet-connected product.

What is the easiest and best home security system? ›

Ring Alarm Pro is the most comprehensive DIY home security system we've tested. It's easy to set up and use, can be customized with a large selection of compatible add-ons, and features an optional, affordable monitoring plan ($20 per month or $200 per year).

What security is better than ADT? ›

Vivint is the clear winner when it comes to automation and smart home integration. Their devices easily connect to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant and, unlike ADT, don't require an upgrade to your monthly payments.

How do I choose the right security system? ›

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Security System
  1. Costs. ...
  2. Contract requirements. ...
  3. Monitoring options. ...
  4. Smart Home Integration. ...
  5. Type of Equipment. ...
  6. Type of Connection. ...
  7. ADT Home Security. ...
  8. Vivint Smart Home Security.
2 Aug 2022

Which security system is best wired or wireless? ›

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but here's the gist: Wired security systems have more reliable signals, whereas wireless systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired systems can't.

What is the best front door security system? ›

Top 9 Best Home Security Systems
  • ADT Home Security: Best Overall.
  • SimpliSafe: Best for Easy Installation.
  • Vivint: Best for Smart Home Integration.
  • Abode: Best for Customization.
  • Frontpoint: Best for Smartphone Integration.
  • Alder: Best Medical Alert System.
  • Canary: Best Two-Way Audio System.
  • Scout: Best for Disaster Prevention.
3 Nov 2022

Which sensor is best for home security? ›

Infrared (IR) Security Sensors

Infrared sensors utilize infrared light to detect motion. In a security system, that motion triggers an alarm, turns on lights, or sends an alert. There are, however, two different types of infrared sensors commonly used in security devices ― active and passive infrared sensors.

Which is better wired or wireless home automation? ›

The performance of wired systems is consistently better than wireless systems, because they are dedicated for this purpose alone. System latency is much lower and seamless controls of multiple circuits can be achieved especially whilst executing profiles/scenes involving multiple circuits or devices.

Do burglars avoid homes with security systems? ›

Studies have been conducted on the effect of the presence of a home security system. The results are in: as much as 60% of burglars casing a potential target would indeed be deterred by an alarm system. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest deals, home security tips, and in-depth reviews.

Can burglars jam your wireless security system? ›

Jamming attacks are technically possible, but they're very unlikely to happen in real life,” says Fred Garcia, a CR test engineer for privacy and security. “We don't recommend you throw out these systems, but you should be aware that they're vulnerable.” There's no real way to avoid systems with wireless technology.

Do burglars avoid houses with cameras? ›

Security cameras will generally deter and reduce burglary. If you install a security camera, your home is 300 % safer from break-ins than a home without a camera. Criminals don't want to be watched or recorded-this is one of the major reasons they are so effective.

Is it worth paying for a home security system? ›

Studies have shown that having a home security system significantly reduces the chance of crime at the property. In fact, about 60% of convicted burglars said that they would not target homes that have a security system.

What security system does not require a monthly fee? ›

Our four top-rated no-monthly-fee home security systems are SimpliSafe, abode, Ring, and Arlo.

What is the number one alarm system? ›

You have a lot of different home security systems to choose from, but our top pick is the premium-grade, smart home-ready Vivint system. It's pricey, but you get what you pay for. And you don't have to install anything yourself.

How much does the best security system cost? ›

Best Home Security Systems of 2022
CompanyBase PriceMonthly Fees
SimpliSafe » 4.2 U.S. News Rating Compare$244.96 and Up$0.00 to $27.99
Vivint » 4.1 U.S. News Rating Compare$599.99$29.99 and Up
Frontpoint » 4.1 U.S. News Rating Compare$392.40 and Up$49.88
Link Interactive » 4.0 U.S. News Rating CompareVaries$30.99 and Up
2 more rows
14 Jul 2022

Which security system is easiest to install? ›

SimpliSafe: A home security system from SimpliSafe, which is No. 1 in our Best Home Security Systems of 2022, can be installed in about 30 minutes by plugging in your base station and connecting it to Wi-Fi. The peel-and-stick sensors take less than a minute each to install.

Who is ADT biggest competitor? ›

Answer: ADT's main competitor is Vivint. The two companies are the largest in the security industry, and they have been competing to gain a larger share of residential customers for several years. Other competitors include Comcast Security, Frontpoint Security, and SimpliSafe.

Who is better SimpliSafe or ADT? ›

ADT and SimpliSafe are both excellent choices for home security. SimpliSafe may be best for people who want a DIY, portable security system, those who are on a budget, or renters, considering the company has a la carte options and requires long-term contract.

What is the average cost for a home security system? ›

An average home security system costs $300 to $840 upfront for alarm equipment, installation, and activation fees. The average cost for home security system monitoring services is $25 to $50 per month, depending on the package. Most home security contracts last 12 to 36 months.

What are the weakest in the security system? ›

Anyone with access to any part of the system, physically or electronically, is a potential security risk. Security is about trust, and trust is generally considered the weakest link in the security chain.

Who has the most affordable security system? ›

Best cheap home security system

If it has to be cheap, you can't get a much better system for the money than Wyze Home Monitoring. If you spend $80 on the starter kit, you'll get a hub, keypad, two entry sensors and a motion sensor.

What are the 3 basic security requirements? ›

Regardless of security policy goals, one cannot completely ignore any of the three major requirements—confidentiality, integrity, and availability—which support one another. For example, confidentiality is needed to protect passwords.

Which Wi-Fi security is harder to crack? ›

WPA3 makes further security improvements that make it harder to break into networks by guessing passwords; it also makes it impossible to decrypt data captured in the past i.e., before the key (password) was cracked.

Which wireless security is least effective? ›

WEP was developed for wireless networks and introduced as a Wi-Fi security standard in September 1999. It is still prevalent in the modern era within older structures due to its age. Out of all protocols, WEP is considered to be the least stable.

Are wired security cameras safer than wireless? ›

Any device that is connected to the internet can potentially be hacked, and that includes home security cameras. Wired cameras are less susceptible to hacking than wireless cameras, and cameras with local storage are less susceptible to hacking than cameras that use a cloud-based server.

Should a security door swing in or out? ›

The most secure way to have the swing is to the inside.

Where should you not place a motion sensor? ›

The Least Effective Placements:
  1. Near Windows. This is a bad location for two reasons. ...
  2. Near Heat Sources. A heat source could potentially create a false alarm, so it is a good idea to keep motion sensors away from hot air vents and radiators.
3 Dec 2019

How many sensors do I need for home security? ›

However, you don't need countless motion sensors for your home's security system to be effective. In fact, having too many motion sensors can render your security system useless. Since motion sensors tend to have the capability to monitor a large amount of area, one motion sensor per room is typically effective.

Which security system has the best night vision? ›

See in the dark this Halloween with these best night vision cameras
  • Google Nest Cam. Best overall night vision security camera. ...
  • Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera. Best affordable option. ...
  • eufy Security Solo Outdoor Cam C24. Best combination of night vision technologies. ...
  • Blink Outdoor camera. ...
  • Arlo Ultra 2 wireless camera.
28 Apr 2022

What is the number 1 product that users wish to control with home automation? ›

What is the #1 product that users wish to control with home automation? Central Heating – Above all else, people want to be able to cut costs on their heating and air conditioning every year.

What are burglars most afraid of? ›

Top 10 deterrents for burglars
  • CCTV camera.
  • Sound of a barking dog.
  • Strong, heavy doors.
  • TV that has been switched on.
  • Locked UPVC windows.
  • Cars parked on driveway.
  • Overlooking property.
  • Surrounding fences.
18 Aug 2017

What rooms do burglars target? ›

About 75 percent of burglars revealed that the bedroom was the first place they'd look for things to steal. Meanwhile, 26 percent said they'd check in an office or study, and 19 percent said the living room would be top on their lists (the burglars could choose more than one answer).

What burglars want most from your home? ›

Cash. Cash is still the king, even as most of us are increasingly shifting to using cards for payment. Cash is often the first thing a burglar will look for, especially in a purse or handbag.

What security Cannot be hacked? ›

Local alarm systems, for instance, aren't connected to the internet and thus aren't hackable. Smart home security systems, on the other hand, are connected to the internet, so there is a possibility of hacking, like any other internet-connected product.

How do I block neighbors from my Wi-Fi? ›

How to Block wifi Signals From Neighbors?
  1. Change Position of Router at Home. ...
  2. Change Frequency of wifi. ...
  3. Change Frequency's Channel. ...
  4. Send Blocking Signals to Jam Neighbor's Wifi. ...
  5. Use Ethernet Cables. ...
  6. Reduce the Number of Connected Devices. ...
  7. Install a Territorial Setup.
18 Oct 2021

Will a magnet set off a security alarm? ›

Yes, magnets set off store alarms. Therefore, there are unexpected situations where the alarm goes off. For example, if the customer hasn't stolen anything but the alarm goes off, the customer may unknowingly carry magnets.

What do burglars avoid? ›

Best Deterrent Methods
  • Use Deadbolt Locks. ...
  • Use Motion Lights. ...
  • Get A Loud Dog. ...
  • Leave The TV On. ...
  • Have Neighbors Check On Home. ...
  • Put Break Proof Laminate On Your Windows. ...
  • Use Keyed Window Locks. ...
  • Put Your Indoor Lights On Timers.
1 Apr 2016

What makes a house attractive to burglars? ›

Doors and windows with vulnerable locks are a common access point for burglars. If loosening or bypassing them is simple, then it makes getting inside easy. Garage doors and pet doors are both open passages where burglars can get through quickly, too. Quick departure is another plus for burglars.

Is ADT worth it 2022? ›

ADT's three home security system packages all have high base prices and higher monthly fees than many of its competitors in our Best Home Security Systems of 2022 rating. Compared to other home security providers on our list, ADT's prices are some of the highest – even for its most basic plan.

Is SimpliSafe easily hacked 2022? ›

SimpliSafe cannot be easily hacked in the traditional sense of the word, but like with any security system, they are prone to attacks that use social engineering tricks.

What is better Vivint or ADT? ›

Bottom Line. ADT and Vivint have comparable hardware packages and services, such as professional installation and monitoring. However, Vivint does offer cheaper monthly pricing and includes certain features with its lower-priced plans that ADT does not, such as video recording and mobile app access.

Does ADT have a senior discount? ›

ADT Senior Discounts

ADT offers a 20 percent discount on installation and $2 off monthly costs for AARP members.

Is it better to have wired or wireless home security system? ›

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but here's the gist: Wired security systems have more reliable signals, whereas wireless systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired systems can't.

What is the best device for perimeter security? ›

Top 5 perimeter security brand product portfolio:
  • Hikvision perimeter protection solution.
  • Axis intrusion protection solutions.
  • Dahua perimeter protection solution.
  • Bosch intrusion alarm systems.
  • Senstar perimeter intrusion portfolio.
20 Jun 2022

Which security company has the best cameras? ›

The Best Home Security Cameras of 2022
  • SimpliCam - Best Security Cameras Overall.
  • Lorex - Easiest to Use Security Camera.
  • Ring - Best DIY Installation.
  • ADT - Best Complete Security System with Cameras.
  • Nest - Best Google Home Cameras.
  • Arlo - Best Video Resolution.
  • Blink Camera - Best Compact Cameras.
4 Nov 2022

What is the average monthly fee for ADT? ›

The total cost for the ADT Smart Home Package starts at:

$919 to $1219 upfront + $49.99/month; or. $65.31 to $70.31/month.

What happens if Internet goes out with SimpliSafe? ›

SimpliSafe keeps you protected 24/7!

It also features a cellular module that operates on a cellular network instead of WiFi. The Base Station will automatically communicate on the cellular network if your WiFi stops working and will automatically switch to battery power if you lose electricity.

Can Burglars disable wireless alarms? ›

If you have your security system monitored through a home phone line, a burglar can easily disable your alarm communication.


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