Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (2023)

As we known, not all batteries perform as promised. So, we’re thinking, what another great way to inform you about the best replacement batteries on the market than a detailed review? We want to be sure that you’ll finish that project without a single worry. So, use this review as a guide to learn about all the performance factors you should pay attention to, before buying a replacement battery and why we think that you should confide your trust to DeWalt. We have tried a bunch of other brands so that we could stick to the best one. And it turned out, as you will see, that the best in this category is the DeWalt replacement battery. Which one? – you might ask. Well, we offer a short review of the best batteries to our taste and needs, so whichever you might choose, will be the ultimate winner.

If your business is in metalworking, constructions or woodworking industries you are aware of the importance of your tools, their quality, and performance. Since the world is constantly evolving, you must evolve too. You should consider a cordless tool for a better and easier execution.

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And as you know, a huge performance factor for your cordless tools is the battery. You want your work to be impeccable, then you need your tools to be on point. And for that, among all other factors, you must choose the optimal battery. And here comes the replacement battery, that proved to be the right deal. And yes, we are talking about the DeWalt replacement battery.

Keeping in mind all the advantages of the DeWalt replacement batteries we wanted to scope out all the batteries that this brand is offering and choose top 3 out of them. However, the winners were so hard to pick out and we ended up with 4 picks for this review. Here we present:

Table Of Contents

  • Editor’s Pick Dewalt battery 20v-60V replacement
  • DeWalt 20V battery 5Ah
  • DeWalt 18v lithium ion battery replacement
  • Dewalt Batteries 12V Replacement
    • Dewalt battery adapter
  • How to choose the best replacement battery?
  • Dewalt Battery Compatibility Chart
    • Dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable
    • Dewalt XR battery compatibility
    • Batteries interchangeable advantages

Editor’s Pick Dewalt battery 20v-60V replacement

DeWalt DCB606-2 20V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Premium Battery

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (2)

  • Voltage: 20-60V
  • Capacity run-time: 6Ah
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Features: LED State of Charge Display.
  • Aftermarket: Returnable 90 days, 3 year limited warranty
  • Compatibility: compatibility with 20V MAX*, 60V MAX*, and 120V MAX*


– compatible with 20V, 60V and 120V

– extended run-time

– quality battery lifetime


– expensive

This is a next level battery! A real game-changer! One reason why you should buy it is its compability with most of your tools. Anyway, if you don’t believe us or this sounds just to unbelievable, here is what some of the users are commenting on this gorgeous battery!

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (3)

By: Sonic

I’ve been using this battery for a while now and it is doing an awesome job with all of the 20V Max tools that I have. Even though its big, it runs good and long. Worth every dollar!

By: Fentap J

Im very satisfied with this battery. It is very strong and powerful.

(Video) Which 20V Replacement DeWalt Battery is the BEST? | Knockoffs VS DeWalt Comparison


DeWalt 20V battery 5Ah

DeWalt DCB205- 2 20V MAX XR 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (4)

  • Voltage: 20V
  • Capacity run-time: 5.0Ah
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Features: 3-LED Fuel Gauge System and has a lightweight design
  • Aftermarket: 3 year limited warranty
  • Compatibility: Compatible with entire line of 20V MAX tools.


– compatible with most of the DeWalt tools

– better battery life

– extended runtime


– expensive

This is the superior version of battery pack because of its providing 66% more runtime for the XR tools. When it comes to battery life, its significantly increased because of the protection it has against overheating and self-discharge. It utilizes the power completely resulting in maximum productivity. Premium feel and excellent high-end product. So many cash-in reasons!

Here are some of the reviews from experienced users:

By: PIN d.

This battery is going to save you the trouble of recharging the whole day or even a few days for some tools. All of all, great upgrade!

By: HArrY K.

I got 2 packs of this battery but one wasn’t functional from the very beginning. DeWalt apologized for the inconvenience and replaced it. The warranty is extremely important. Anyway, I purchased because it’s the best! I recommend!


DeWalt 18v lithium ion battery replacement

DeWalt DC9182 18V XRP Lithium-Ion Battery

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (5)

  • Voltage: 18V
  • Capacity run-time: Long run-time & battery life
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Features: Lightweight design, exclusive technology for long life and durability.
  • Aftermarket: 3 year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, and two-year free service contract.
  • Compatibility: The battery fits all DeWALT 18-volt Tools

The best 18V lithium-ion battery replacement is definitely this precious! There are multiple advantages of this battery and here are some of them. It has a very low weight and longer run-time. The DEWALT DC9182 delivers excellent performances.


– lightweight

– extended run-time

(Video) What Is The Best DEWALT Battery For Use On A Drill Or Small Tool? This Might Surprise You!

– compatible with all DEWALT 18 Volt tools.


– not compatible with some tools that are not DeWalt

– must be charged with De-Walt charger

You are buying a brand, not a plastic. One more reason, to consider buying this battery. Anyway, we let the facts speak for themselves and this battery replacement is one of those examples where you don’t need overwhelming words to convince the buyer. Here are 2 reviews of other satisfied users.

By: H.Lont

I had NiCad battery before and now I switched to DeWalt. This is a smaller battery and also runs longer. Great job!

By: Webber

This lithium ion battery is aweome. It has huge power and the light is ridiculous. I have used dewalt batteries previously, but this is my favourite. Very quich charge time!


Dewalt Batteries 12V Replacement

DeWalt DCB127-2 12V MAX Lithium Ion Battery

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (6)

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity run-time:
  • Charge time: Quick 30 minute
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Features: No memory & virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity & less downtime.
  • Aftermarket: 3 year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with DEWALT 12V MAX tools

This DeWalt battery is a high performance 2.0Ah battery pack. Here are the advantages of this battery:


– lightweight

– quick recharge (30minutes)


– have to charge it once in a while (when not using)

For some users, this replacement battery was a great experience and we think that it works just fine. It gets the job done in under no time. What other reason you need to cash out!

Here are a few of the user’s experiences:

By Mr. Shawn

Amazing battery! Super light plus super power! Very satisfied!

(Video) Replacement Battery for Dewalt 20V/60V MAX Tools for Fraction of the Cost

By: Heff.L

My brother-in-law suggested getting a DeWalt battery for my tools, since every other battery I had wasn’t good enough. I’m very thankful to him and to DeWalt for making the tool-work easier with their batteries.


Dewalt battery adapter

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (7)

The DeWalt battery adapter can take care of all of the De Walt tools which are 18v. And they come in high numbers! So, you wanted to be able to vary the battery voltage, because that way you get to use it with more tools, and that is exactly what the Dewalt battery adapter is going to give. This is possible because the DeWalt battery adapter is 18v to 20v.

The DeWalt 18v to 20v Adapter is compatible with 6 battery options: 3 Ah, 1.5 Ah, 2.0 Ah, XR 3.0, Ah 4.0, Ah XR and 5.0 Ah XR. Compatible with most DEWALT 18V tools and allows for use of 20V MAX compact batteries.

Some of the pros of the DeWalt battery adapter is that it comes with a 3-year warranty and also, that it is very lightweight.

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (8)

How to choose the best replacement battery?

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind when making a buying decision. We are making sure you don’t miss any of them while informing you about the reason behind the importance of a particular factor.


The main difference between two batteries is the voltage. Depending on the type of work you are expecting your tool to do, you can choose from a few ranges of voltage.

A battery with 7-12 volts is good for light work only, and for your heavy-duty projects, you will need a battery with 18-36 volts. In between, there are the batteries with 12-18 volts that cover the medium types of work.

The best and most used battery over the years is the 18V battery. But, this has recently changed, after the DeWalt replacement battery with 20V.

Capacity run-time

Battery’s capacity and run-time are something a professional must check on first! You want to get the longest run-time out of your battery and any extra battery life is worth your money. This is why you should consider getting a DeWalt battery. For instance, the 18V XRP Extended run-time Battery pack gives you a 40% more run-time than standard batteries.

Charge times

Of course, the charge time a battery need is very essential for you if you are working a lot and always full of deadlines. Before buying a battery, you should check how long does it take to be fully charged. If you get one of the DeWalt 12V-20V MAX Li-Ion batteries, you should consider buying a 12V MAX – 20V MAX Li-Ion DeWalt charger too. This is the ultimate combo for a short charging time. This charger will make sure you charge your battery within 90 minutes. Plus, it is compatible with every De-Walt 12V-20V MAX Li-Ion battery.


Another factor you should pay attention to is the weight of the battery. You don’t want to hold a heavy tool for a long period, so you should go with as lightweight a battery can be. While making a comparison between some of the DeWalt batteries, we noticed an interesting fact, which is that the DeWalt 20V MAX Li-Ion battery with 5Ah is weighing 1,59lb and the one with 3Ah is just a 0.01lb shy. There is no real difference! This is very important if you need a higher power and don’t want to get a heavier battery.


After taking in consideration the major factors, you should also take a look at the features a battery might have. It could come with or without a LED indicator, a Bluetooth etc. However, you must know that the temperature is highly impacting the performance of the battery. For most of the batteries, 65-90 F is the recommended temperature range. Anything higher or lower than that would significantly impact the lifetime of the battery. And this could result in a permanent damage on the battery and its run-time.


(Video) DeWalt Replacement Battery from eBay (VANON) Unbox & Compare

This is one of the reasons why we decided to make this review. Many people are discouraged by the high price of the official replacement batteries. We are aware that they are pretty much expensive and we understand if you are tempted to risk and buy an aftermarket battery. But we are here to make up your mind and don’t let you to make the greatest mistake of your life, when it comes to buying batteries, of course. The aftermarket batteries could explode and physically injure you. These risks are not worth the savings. The tool is also expensive and you shouldn’t risk its lifetime with an aftermarket battery.


This is the first thing the people are asking, when buying a battery. You have to make sure your battery is compatible with your tool. It’s otherwise useless. But we are not worried with this factor so much, because the DeWalt batteries are compatible with almost every DeWalt tool. Especially the DeWalt FlexVolt battery packs! They work in 20V MAX 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools. So, you got nothing to worry about.

Dewalt Battery Compatibility Chart

Dewalt BatteryDewalt ToolsComboKits

Dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable

The FLEXVOLT battery is fully compatible with existing DeWALT 18V XR tools. If you have this kind of tool and you fit it to the DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT you get a voltage of 54V. Flexvolt batteries also work with your existing 20V MAX tools and can deliver up to 60V MAX power. DeWALT state is to give you: “the power of corded, freedom of cordless.” And this is exactly what they are doing!
Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (9)

Best Dewalt Replacement Battery – Review and Guide (10)

Dewalt XR battery compatibility

DeWalt 18v batteries are fully compatible with the whole DeWalt XR range. This translated could mean that if you get two XR batteries that is all you are going to need. The reason behind this is that These batteries have a very fast charging time (under 2 hours) while providing a long usage (more than 3 hours continuous usage). You get to work using one of the batteries, while the other is charging, and when the first one is finished, you have the other prepared to continue the work.

Batteries interchangeable advantages

After pointing out the most important factors for a battery’s performance, we would like to review the interchangeable advantages that make the DeWalt batteries the best. We might have slipped a few hints in the previous section of this review, but this is very important, so we have to be sure you got it right. First of all, the greatest advantage of the DeWalt batteries is that they are all powered by the same battery charger. This is going to save you a lot of money, since you don’t need to buy a charger for each tool individually. Also, if you buy some new tool, this doesn’t mean that you will have to buy new charger. It applies for all, old and new, tools out there. This is an excellent opportunity to power numerous tools with one charger only.

Final Thoughts

Batteries are such an essential part of tool performance. We understand the difficulty you are facing when trying to make up your mind and choose between all the choices out there. Prices can be intimidating and people often risk everything while making some stupid mistakes. That was the reason behind this review and hopefully, we made it clear. Tools are hungry for power and this problem is what DeWalt had in mind when designing and producing the best solutions out there. We recommend that you stick to the branded batteries because the aftermarket ones impose big health risk and possible damages to your tools. Compatibility and power go hand in hand with Dewalt replacement batteries and we cannot stress enough how much satisfied we and all the DeWalt customers are. How can we not be, when all our wishes were heard and they even made the new 60V battery pack backward compatible with their line of 20V Max tools!

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