4 Best Examples of Multicultural Marketing (2023)

The key to marketing success is getting the brand in front of a broader audience. Several entrepreneurs need clarification about how a competitor’s brand is becoming more popular than their own. Multicultural marketing is the reason most brands become well-known. As a result of multicultural marketing, they can reach various diverse audiences.

Multicultural marketing is about more than reaching and connecting with multicultural audiences. But also implementing that in your marketing circle. You may think multicultural marketing is only for people with different cultures. Not only that, but it also includes. People who are physically and visually challenged.

They are waiting for the chance to prove their talents; through this, you can allow the people to take part and give an opinion. Based on their opinion, you can easily target the audience. For example, Brallecube designed a Rubix cube for visually challenged people to feel this gaming experience. Behind this product’s success may be the multicultural marketing circle of physically or visually challenged people.

Not all the steps are easier in the marketing field, here are some hurdles you have to overcome in multicultural marketing.

  • Reaching the target audience is challenging.
  • You have to analyze and execute the report before introducing your product to the audience.
  • Understand the interests and desires of the multicultural audience.

While marketing within certain borders is familiar, marketing across diverse cultures is more significant. Using a campaign, you can drive your target audience. To succeed in multicultural marketing, you need a plan to execute it.

Table of Contents

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Table of Content

  • What Is Multicultural Marketing?
  • Three Principles
  • Why Is Advertising Important in Multicultural Marketing?
  • Tips for Multicultural Marketing
  • Multicultural Marketing Strategy
  • Examples of Multicultural Marketing
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Multicultural Marketing?

Ethnic marketing is another term for multicultural marketing. This unique marketing allows companies to reach and connect with their multicultural customers by providing them with the right message in their native language and through conventional and digital platforms.

Three Principles

Diversity is your brand that not only welcomes that particular person and invites all multicultural audiences.Equity is whether your brand is optimized for all multicultural audiences, including physically and visually challenged people.Inclusion is respecting everyone’s opinion, whether a group or a person says it.
An example of diversity is Coca-Cola.An example of equity is Proctor and Gamble.An example of inclusion is Fenty Beauty.

Why Is Advertising Important in Multicultural Marketing?

Advertising is crucial in marketing. Most people were familiar with your brand advertising. Advertising should be unique when it comes to multicultural marketing. The standard ads only connect with some audiences. Through multicultural marketing, they can bring awareness among all diverse people. By doing advertisements based on their ethnicity, they admire more about your product, rather than standard advertisements about your brand.

Tips for Multicultural Marketing

These tips help you to improve your multicultural marketing.

4 Best Examples of Multicultural Marketing (1)

1. Research Your Audience

Who is your target audience, and what do they expect from your brand? Before starting the marketing campaign, you must start with customer analysis. There are specific tools available to analyze the target audience. It is not about multicultural marketing. Every marketing field needs to know who its target audience is.

2. Know Their Culture

If you are marketing in a particular group of cultures, you can translate the language, respect their culture, and especially know more about their cultural preference because there are many diverse people in each culture.

3. Reach Your Audience

Multicultural Marketing with well strategies campaigns might work for some cultures, but not for certain cultures. So, find your target audience and try to reach them. What are they expecting from your brand? What makes your brand stand out from its culture? Once you recognize the lack, try to resolve it to improve your marketing in multicultural areas.

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Multicultural Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the marketing strategies to build your brand

  • An Inclusive Approach

The advertisement connects the audience with your brand. It’s the awareness stage so that people learn more about your brand. The model working with your brand development should be connected with the ethnicity of the target audience.

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  • DEI

As mentioned, the three principles of multicultural marketing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) are essential to recognize the audience’s opinion. They can easily connect with your brand if their opinions and suggestions are heard.

  • Using Social Networks

Social media is the right platform for multicultural marketing to find your target audience. It depends on your choice of social media. If your target audience is teenagers, then go with Instagram or Tik Tok. The target audience is more professional. You can use social media, like LinkedIn.

  • Consumer Identity

Using social media, you can quickly analyze your customers’ needs and the report of the campaign you conducted. Based on that, you can quickly improve the campaign to convert the leads into customers.

  • Engage with Diverse Influencers

If people suggest your brand within the same community, they will most likely trust it. According to a survey, 61% of people trust influencer recommendations.

Examples of Multicultural Marketing

Here are some examples of brands that have mastered multicultural marketing:

  • Coca-Cola

We are all familiar with the Coca-Cola brand, the top brand in soft drinks. They decided to expand their business by running diverse advertisements. That ad starts with a beautiful place in America; in the background, different voices are singing “America the Beautiful” in a different language. Through this ad, they succeed in multicultural marketing.

  • Fenty Beauty for All

This brand was launched by singer Rhianna in 2017. Fenty Beauty is all about foundation shades. She has 40 shades at the start. Later, it expanded to 50 shades of foundation. The secret to Fenty’s success is multicultural marketing. Her campaign on “Beauty for All” is the most significant way to reach the audience. They go through server processes before diving into multicultural marketing. Their motto is “no one to be left behind.” They decide which time suits the campaign, and ensure delivery to the country without launching the product.

  • Bumble

They ran a campaign to locate me on Bumble. During the campaign, they explain how they recognize customers from diverse cultures. They find some bumbling users and take interviews or videos of them. From their video, you can learn life lessons. People from different backgrounds are motivated by using the same products to help the other audience connect more with your audience, and they trust the words of the Bumble users.

  • Procter and Gamble

Procter & Gamble is well-known for its cleaning and toiletry brands, such as Dove and Gillette. People from various backgrounds serve as advertisements for this. They spread a message about diversity and equality. In 2018, the talk was about the famous ad that exposed racism happening in this world, and finally, they concluded the advertisement with a moral note.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you do multicultural marketing?

– Have a multiculturally diverse team.
– Interview members of the target cultural group to learn more about their social network.
– Check again to ensure that the knowledge you have about a particular culture is precise and – Accurate based on the information you have received.

2. What is the effect of multicultural marketing?

Your brand has expanded from a small group to a wider range of people. People know and experience your brand.

3. How do you target a multicultural audience?

Communicate across social media platforms.
Conduct your research.
Take advantage of your brand’s website.
Send email to your audience

Final Thoughts

The marketing of a brand to a single audience can be detrimental. This multicultural marketing idea allows you to market to people from different cultures worldwide. Now that you know the standard campaigns and advertisements, do your homework to figure out which campaign is most suitable for your multicultural audience.

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