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100 Computer GK Questions with Answers In English (Download PDF) – Computer is such a subject from which questions are definitely seen in all government exams. Some such important questions and their answers are given below which have been asked in some examinations or the others.

Computer GK Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is not a word-related term?

Ans. Slide show

2. How is a file called an Excel document stored?

Ans. Workbooks

3. Which tool bar button displays for alignment and font size in Word?

Ans. Formatting toolbar

4. Which one of the following is not a spreadsheet-related term?

Ans. Browser

5. If you want to choose a font for a sentence in a Word document, then….

Ans. Select font in format menu

6. Excel is the program that is used to prepare ……….

Ans. spreadsheet

7. To edit a document that has been created means….

Ans. To correct it

8. Which of the following identifies a cell in Excel?

Ans. Address

9. Replace option is available in Word.

Ans. Edit menu

10. If you click on any word in the word, it gets selected.

Ans. Twice

11. To reverse your previous action in Word –

Ans. Use the undo command

12. Displays your position in the text.

Ans. Cursor

13. What is the function of keyboard in computer?

Ans. To input

14. Which of the following is a medium of output?

Ans. Printer

15. Print preview is useful if you want to……..

Ans. See how the document will look when printed

16. If each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel document is known by its cell address, then it is …….

Ans. Cell’s row and column labels

17. The Open, Print and Save all buttons are located on.

Ans. Standard tool bar

18. The name of the Microsoft Office Word document is displayed in both the task bar.

Ans. Title bar

19. Using Xls extension…. for files.

Ans. Excel

20. When you start Word, the new document that appears is based on what.

Ans. Black document template

21. What are the numbers and formulas/formulas entered in the cell called.

Ans. Numerical entries

22. Microsoft Office This is the example

Ans. Horizon Parallel Market Software

23. You…. What is used to copy the selected text/text and paste it in….document?


24. ……..is the collection of information saved as a unit.

Ans. Folder

25. The basic unit of the worksheet in which you enter data in Access is called.

Ans. Cell

26. …… is a special visual and audio effect that is applied to text or content in PowerPoint.

Ans. Animation

27. The extension of the Excel spreadsheet is…..

Ans. .xls

28. The point at which column and row intersect in a spreadsheet is called.

Ans. Cell

29. Worksheet …. Appear vertically and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window.

Ans. Column

30. What is the shortcut key for setting the text selected by the user in Ward?


31. By default document …. print mode.

Ans. Portrait

32. Which type of file can be created from word processing programs?

Ans. Document file

33. What is the name given by the user to the document called?

Ans. File name

34. What to do if you want to save the existing document under a different name.

Ans. Use “save as” command

35. When you have to move text from one page to another, the best way is to…….

Ans. cut and paste

36. Saving this ……. ‘s process.

Ans. Copying documents from memory to storage medium

37. The directory in a directory is called…..?

Ans. sub directory

38. Selecting Zoom command.

Ans. Changes the extension of the displayed document

39. If a previously saved file is edited then ……

Ans. It is necessary to save the file again to store the change.

40. The software used for budget generation is called?

Ans. spreadsheet software

41. Which menu is selected for print?

Ans. File

42. What is the name given by the user to the document?

Ans. File name

43. Which menu is selected for cut, copy and paste?

Ans. Edit

44. What is the connection of related files called?

Ans. Database

45. CHANGING EXISTING DOCUMENTS Key of the document……. is called

Ans. Editing

46. ​​Which grouping is used while formatting text in Word?

Ans. Tables, Programs, and Indexes

47. Who displays the contents of the active cell in Excel?

Ans. Formula bar

48. Which of the following is used to select the entire document?


49. With the help of which command we can save a document?


50. What is a group of files stored in a computer called?

Ans. Directory

51. …………..is an electronic device that converts data into information and processes it.

Ans. Processor

52. Which part of the CPU coordinates the activities of all other computer components?

Ans. Control unit

53. Conversion of Input into Output. Done through.

Ans. CPU

54. What is a computer?

Ans. Electronic machine

55. What is called data in computer? (a) number, (b) symbol, (c) given information

Ans. a,b,c

56. What is called information in the computer?

Ans. The collected data

57. Which of the following is a part of CPU?

Ans. ALU

58. What is EDP?

Ans. Electronic data processing

59. What is CPU?

Ans. Central processing unit

60. What is the full form of ALU?

Ans. Arithmetic Logic Unit

61. What is CPU?

Ans. Chip

62. The basic work performed by a computer is (a) numerical, (b) logical, (c) data collection

Ans. All these

63. The brain of the computer is called.

Ans. CPU

64. Whose speed is more between the human mind and the computer?

Ans. Human mind

65. The work of CPU is ………… (a) arithmetic calculation, (b) comparison of values ​​of two quantities, (c) desired data in artificial memory

Ans. None of these

66. Human memory power is comparable to that of computers.

Ans. Normal

67. What type of intelligence is given to the computer?

Ans. Desired data in artificial memory

68. Capacity of computer………. is.

Ans. limited

69. The controlling part of the computer is called

Ans. CPU

70. The working principle of a computer is (a) input, (b) output, (c) processing

Ans. All these

71. Components of CPU. (a) Control Unit, (b) Memory, (c) ALU

Ans. All these

72. The data going into the computer is called

Ans. Input

73. Establishes harmony between all the parts of the computer.

Ans. Control unit

74. Computer performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by division.

Ans. ALU

75. ………. is the result produced by a computer.

Ans. Output

76. Which of the following is present as a component in CPU?

Ans. ALU

77. Main memory works in coordination with ……….

Ans. CPU

78. Input represents ………..

Ans. Computer system

79. ALU…………. Carries out operations.

Ans. Arithmetic

80. The first is the counting machine.

Ans. Abacus

81. For what purpose was the famous computer named Pacman made?

Ans. Sport

82. Who built the first mechanical calculator?

Ans. Blaise Poscal

83. The computer which was manufactured before the first generation computer.

Ans. Electric

84. What is a super computer? (a) processes the data of many users simultaneously (b) it is a heavy and expensive computer system (c) Used in a large organization

Ans. All these

85. The basic infrastructure of the computer was developed.

Ans. Charles Babbage

86. Which of the following is the largest, fastest, and most expensive computer?

Ans. Super computer

87. Commonly used computer.

Ans. Digital

88. What is CRAY?

Ans. Super computer

89. Which of the following is needed for the production of chips?

Ans. Silicone

90. The use of multi-programming started with which generation of computer?

Ans. 3

91. The first-generation computer had a ………. fault.

Ans. Big size

92. On the basis of working methods there are types of computers. (1) Digital, (2) Analog, (3) Microcomputer

Ans. 1 and 2

93. Which of the following is a TV-shaped computer?

Ans. Micro

94. IMac is Type of. ……..

Ans. Machine

95. Which of the following is the main feature of a computer?

Ans. Speed

96. Digital computer can do …………. calculations per second.

Ans. crores

97. Who was the first to use a punch card?

Ans. Joseph Marie

98. Who among the following is called the father of computers?

Ans. Charles Babes

99. Who has contributed the most to the development of the computer?

Ans. Van Neumann

100. When was the first modern computer discovered?

Ans. 1946

101. Which institute has developed the ultimate supercomputer developed in India?

Ans. C-DAC

102. What are the two types of output devices?

Ans. Monitor and Printer

103. What is the mouse technique used to access the properties of an object?

Ans. Right-clicking

104. To go to the beginning of a line of text, press the ……… key

Ans. Home

105. ……..and …….. are the most common input devices.

Ans. keyboard, mouse

106. What is the number of function keys on the keyboard?

Ans. 12

107. Which of the following is not an input device?

Ans. Monitor

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